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BEIBEN Tractor Truck

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    Product Description:

    Model:  2642S

    Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 7050×2495×3340 

    Wheel base (mm): 3450+1450

    Curb weight (kg):8800

    Gross towing trailer weight  (kg): 40000

    Max Speed:(km/h)≥90

    Front overhang/rear overhang (mm): 1410/740

    Approach angle/Departure angle: 26/64

    Engine: Model: WD12.420,water-cooled,four strokes,6 cylinders straight in line,turbocharged

    Fuel type: Diesel

    Rated Power / rotating(kw/(r/min): 309Kw/2200rpm

    Emission: EUROⅡ

    Displacement(ml): 11596

    Fuel tanker capacity: 400L

    Clutch: Model: Φ430, Diaphragm Spring,Hydraulic boosting

    Gear box: Model: 12JS200TA, mechanical type,Based on Fuller Eaton technology ,12Forward speed gear.

    Brake system: 

    Service brake: Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system 

    Assistant brake: Engine exhaust brake

    Park brake: Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels 

    Steering system: Model: ZF8098(original ZF technology)

    Suspension System: Rear Suspension:

    Non-free standing stabilization spring,stabilization suspension,13pcs

    Frame: Fish belly shape, variable width, variable sections

    Based on Germany Benz Technology

    Front axle (Mercedes Benz Technology): Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle AL7/1DS-7/5.263

    Middle and Rear axle (Mercedes Benz Technology) : Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, with 

    hub redactor, double reduction driving axle

    Middle axle: HD7/016DGS-13/5.263

    Rear axle: HL7/015DS-13/5.263

    Tire: 12.00R20  radial tire

    Cab: Long cab with two sleeper  

    Full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate; Can be tipped forwardly.